What is Global TQM?

Total Quality Management (TQM) is an approach to the management techniques, started in the 1950’s at the Japanese industry development after Second World War. It has become very popular in the West since the early 1980’s growing steadily since then.

TQM (Total Quality Management) is the management of total quality. It is call TOTAL because tries to achieve the Quality in satisfying the needs of the shareholders, the Quality of products and services to satisfy or exceed the consumer’s needs and the Quality of not only the professional but also the personal life of the members of the organization.

Nevertheless, TQM (Total Quality Management) is Quality oriented and normally runs separately from the normal management process. Total Quality Management (TQM) frequently is separated in a specific section and is responsibility of a Quality Team considered as simple advisers or staff department. In practice, no TQM leadership is spread throughout the organizations, and CEOS (Chief Executive Officers) very frequently tend to reschedule the Total Quality Management priorities or TQM credos to more urgent or politically convenient demands. We understand that this is far from the original philosophy of TQM and it is urgent to revitalize the fundamentals of the TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT and fight against its malpractices. Moreover, there is a process of interaction between Globalization and Quality that have to be studied thoroughly.

This is why many companies are having difficulties in implementing TQM. Surveys conducted by us have revealed that only 20 to 25% % of companies that have undertaken Total Quality Management systems (pay attention, systems, not TQM philosophies) have achieved tangible improvements in productivity, competitiveness or financial results. Consequently many people are sceptical about Total Quality Management.

¿What is the difference between TQM and GTQM?

If TQM is Quality oriented, GTQM (Global Total Quality Management) is management oriented. This means that Quality is so important that is taken from granted in any process of the management. Every member of the organization is a GTQM expert or, if you prefer, a TQM expert. The most important one, the big boss. His main compromise has to be a life commitment with the GTQM. His main competence, a leadership in Quality, in Total Quality Management.

In a monastery all the monks are religious driven and every decision they take (or at least they should take) are inspired in their principles. The do not need a “Religion Department”. But they have had a previous period of training and awakening in a Seminar. In the same way, all the members of an organization should be Global TQM oriented and the Seminar of the new “organizational monks” could be a Global Total Quality Management Traning and Coaching Department.

Global management is not only global trade.

Antonio Flores. 2008, March. Copywriter 1673/2008.

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